Odensjö Recordings

Bringing you original electronic/psychedelic/gothic/industrial music from southern Sweden.

About Odensjö Recordings

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Odensjö Recordings is netlabel that releases music by swedish artist and musician Lars Tängmark. Currently available are Lars Tängmark’s solo works.
Needless to say the “label” is run by Lars Tängmark himself .

Lars Tängmark has been active musician and artist since 1988. He was a founding member of the electronic goth/rock/wave band The Wounded Meadow and the death metal band Choir of Vengeance. Since 1999 Lars has recorded abstract/psychedelic electronic music under his own name.

Besides being a member of Wounded Meadow and viking metal band King of Asgard Lars is now working together with Johan Levin (Desiderii Marginis) on an album by the project Lost in the Woods (a project that released one CDR album in 2001 and which was a Lars Tängmark side project at the time).