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About Lars Tängmark

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Lars Tängmark was born in Sollefteå, Sweden in 1972. He developed a magical relationsship to recorded music at the tender age of 6 upon hearing the intro to Pink Floyd‘s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” while simultaneously viewing the cover of Black Sabbath‘s “Technical Ecstacy“. At age 10 Lars invented several fictional bands and wrote several fictional discographies. At age 14 Lars felt ready to start a band and ended up formning (among several obsucre combos) Black Bells with Fredrik Rydberg, which mutated into The Wounded Meadow. The band kept recording for several years with Lars as co-songwriter/singer/lyricist, but the band eventually imploded from its own importance and Lars started record on his own in 1995 but had trouble finding a direction. Four years later compiled the “Intervention” CDR from odds and ends he had recorded over the years. The ambient/drone-influenced “Revolutionaire” CDR album followed in 2000 and the year after that saw the release of “Winds of Change” credited to  Lost in the Woods due to its folk music influence.
Lars solo career was put on hold for a few years when he was putting more time into the re-formed Wounded Meadow, the side project Chanting Sheep and The Choir of Vengeance. But in 2007 Lars started working on two projected solo albums; “Full Frontal Emptiness” and “And That Day Will Come“, released the following year. These albums expanded on and refined the abstract style of “Revolutionaire” and were followed by further solo releases; “Son of a Bitch Everything’s Real” (2009), “God’s Garden” and “When Literature is No Longer Enough” (2010), all available as digital downloads.
In 2010 Lars joined viking metal band King of Asgard as second guitarist and also re-activated the Lost in the Woods project, now as a collaborative project with Johan Levin.

Lars has also played bass in the death metal band Dawn in 1992-1999, also adding keyboards and at one point backing vocals. Dawn released three albums on US label Necropolis; “Naer Solen Gar Nidher For Evogher“, “Sorgh pa Svarta Vingar Flog” and “SlaughtersunCrown of the Triarchy“.


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September 5, 2008 at 11:40 am

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